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I wasn't a pervert, but as long as I was able to protect them, that is all that mattered to them.
Over the past five years, seven foreign perverts have failed to sign on with gardai and have vanished.
Police are investigating whether the girl was targeted by a pervert she may have unwittingly met on the social networking site.
I would urge you to publish my warning about the pervert, to put other people on their guard.
With new cases emerging almost every week let's hope Ulster's cops are given a free rein to track down these perverts and get them behind bars where they belong.
Last year, Scots justice minister Henry McLeish promised some of the world's toughest laws on perverts.
But police dismissed the fears and insisted the law, to be rolled out nationwide after a successful pilot scheme, will protect kids from sick sexual predators and prevent attacks on perverts.
But why is the emphasis on rehabilitating the pervert and not supporting the victim and protecting the community from these monsters?
In Florida only 14 per cent of tagged perverts were sent back to jail for violating parole compared to 27 per cent not on the scheme.
There can be no cover-ups, no protection for perverts and no misguided attempts to shield the church by pretending it never happened.
The perverts in this case are the honorable members of the Ohio Legislature.
One banner last night read "No more Innocent Kids - Perverts Out" as passing drivers blasted their car horns in support.