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The 8% revaluation, when added to the 10% fee imposed on all dollar exchanges in Cuba, means that $100 is now worth effectively only 80 convertible pesos.
This will eliminate the crazy situation today where a company is profitable in dollars and runs at a loss in pesos, and may allow these companies to improve their workers' wages," he said.
No obstante esta diferencia no se aprecia cuando se analiza el peso posthemodialisis respecto al peso seco, segun sexo.
Las variables medidas fueron: (1) alzada a la cadera, valorada con una cinta metrica metalica; (2) peso y fecha de nacimiento (datos tomados de los registros de la cabana); (3) peso vivo al destete, individual de cada animal; (4) ganancia diaria de peso; (5) peso ajustado a los 210 dias (producto de la ganancia diaria de peso individual por 210, sumando a este resultado el peso al nacimiento); y frame score, determinado segun el procedimiento propuesto por la BIF (2).
The revaluation of the peso puts the survival of important sectors of our export economy in question," said Guillermo Perry, a former World Bank chief economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, in a column he wrote in El Tiempo, a Bogota daily.
We'd never beaten Northbridge since I've been coaching here," said Peso, who was 0-3 against Northbridge Middle School since he took over.
Dollar remittances cushioned the peso from the impact of political scandals that have plagued Arroyo over allegations she rigged the 2004 presidential election and corruption charges against her family.
Although the peso is currently riding high, currency fluctuations can be very volatile.
One said he expected the peso weakness to last until September and projected a low of 54.
The slight gain of the peso is due to big dollar inflows into the country as Filipino overseas workers send remittances to their families back home in preparation for the opening of the classes in June,'' the analyst said.
Spreads between peso and dollar interest rates also reflect these doubts.
Manila -- Philippine President Mr Joseph Estrada has signed into law a higher budget for 1999, including a fiscal deficit of at least 18 billion pesos (US$461 million) to stimulate the country's sagging economy.