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Assessing the dimensionality of optimism and pessimism using a multi-measure approach.
Despite the pessimism, individuals in Wales are just as motivated as last year to be successful.
It counteracts pessimism and has been proven to make people happier at the end of a month.
If it is, then the body of contemporary thought in question must be pessimism--the philosophical view, in the words of James Sully's Pessimism of 1877, that 'the world is on the whole bad, or productive of misery, and so worse than nonexistence'.
These instruments attempt to analyse and explain dynamics of motivation such as optimism and pessimism. However, these measures seem to be for individuals, and not the perception of optimism in others.
The last time industrial companies demonstrated such pessimism was in the crisis year of 2009.
Pessimism over job security remained, with UK households posting the strongest degree of negativity since March.
The pessimism and "cap in hand" mentality seems to be ingrained in the political psyche.
It seems that 2019 is the dawn of an age of deep pessimism. According to some, things are going down quickly.
While there always existed a sense of positivism at Islamabad, the New Delhi has been under the delusion of pessimism about Pakistan.
ISLAMABAD -- Neuroscientists have now found the brain area responsible for pessimism. The new research suggests that both anxiety and depression are caused by an overstimulation of the caudate nucleus.
Although I consider myself an optimist by nature; those pesky, nagging negative traits of pessimism sometimes creep in and try to take over.