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16-18, investors, by a margin of 57% to 28%, say they are optimistic as opposed to pessimistic about their ability to achieve their investment goals over the next five years.
It stands to reason that since Turkey's consumers see durables as a currently desirable purchase that they would feel pessimistic about purchasing power.
An analysis of its style over the course of their 21-game losing streak revealed that as the streak continued, the players' explanation for a loss became more and more pessimistic.
There are a number of concrete strategies and activities that school counselors can use in individual or group settings to challenge the pessimistic thinking of students with depressive disorders.
Three months later, maternal verbalizations, behaviors, and pessimistic style were assessed (see box).
While the probability of actual production falling above or below the optimistic and pessimistic estimates is ten percent either way for an individual vehicle, looking at total North American production, the chance that all vehicles will simultaneously attain their optimistic or pessimistic level is very slim.
However, I wouldn't want you, dear reader, to feel yours truly is entirely pessimistic.
Pessimistic Dick is jointly owned by Frank Flynn and Dick Madden and is so named because of Madden's, a former Glasgow Celtic goalkeeper, disposition.
At this point we're more pessimistic than optimistic,'' said Boeing spokesman Todd Blecher.
Even on the most pessimistic, the Government could fund its commitments without extra taxes, he said.
For the first time in the five-year history of the survey, more business owners are pessimistic (48%) than optimistic (43%) about the short-term business outlook (next six months).