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sees the current economic situation somewhat pessimistically, in contrast to recent, more optimistic studies with titles like Africa's Emerging Economies (Steven Radelet, 2010), Africa's Moment (Jean-Michel Severino and Olivier Ray, 2012), and Africa's Turn (Edward Miguel, 2009).
Variety did not, as Baker pessimistically concludes, commit suicide in the 1960s.
Summary: After Libya's civil war, experts pessimistically predicted a recovery in the country's oil industry could stretch on for as long as three years.
More pessimistically, Abdel-Aziz Ezz el-Arab, a professor of political economy at the AUC, said during the discussion that the Egyptian economy is in dire straits and something must be done to 'stop the bleeding'.
In December 2011, Swiss Re warned of low profits for insurance companies in 2012, its economists pessimistically predicting that the insurance industry will not see business picking up until 2013.
Where the study interprets these facts pessimistically, Ed Young's book takes the view that marital happiness can be preserved simply by ensuring that sex remains regular, passionate, and creative.
Turkish stocks reacted pessimistically to the lowering of the price estimate, because of weaker earnings and possible unexpected changes in monetary policy.
You could feel more inhibited today and more inclined to think pessimistically about people and life.
But there are those who view this development more pessimistically.
Crane: I'll answer that question both optimistically and pessimistically.
I think he views longhouse communities too pessimistically as disappearing sooner or later like meteors.
What this says, is that a relatively large percentage of the population remains pessimistically fixated on a negative interpretation of current economic events.