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To have thrown himself with such zeal into this multifaceted project of writing and rewriting, and yet for the results to read so pessimistically, seems strange.
I tweeted pessimistically while watching "The Blacklist's" second episode that the NBC show felt like an unsatisfying date coming on the heels of a heart-wrenching breakup.
Or, to frame the matter more pessimistically, "After the end of the first millennium, the great period of Christian growth and expansion was over" (p.
They will probably, pessimistically, get PS1m a year extra ticket revenue so if you add all this up Sisu get close to PS5m over the three years.
Employment prospects were assessed less pessimistically across all sectors in both regions.
Tseng Ju-hsueh remarked that the growth target is challenging but achievable, adding that "unlike the economic forecast of the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics, economic-growth target is meant to spur the government's effort and therefore should be set at a proper level, neither unrealistically high nor pessimistically low.
Glamorgan bowler James Harris has been approached - "I think we're one of 17 counties and Glamorgan might have had a word with him as well" said Cook pessimistically - and overseas batsmen sounded out.
sees the current economic situation somewhat pessimistically, in contrast to recent, more optimistic studies with titles like Africa's Emerging Economies (Steven Radelet, 2010), Africa's Moment (Jean-Michel Severino and Olivier Ray, 2012), and Africa's Turn (Edward Miguel, 2009).
Variety did not, as Baker pessimistically concludes, commit suicide in the 1960s.
Summary: After Libya's civil war, experts pessimistically predicted a recovery in the country's oil industry could stretch on for as long as three years.
Even so, it would be a mistake to read matters too pessimistically.
More pessimistically, Abdel-Aziz Ezz el-Arab, a professor of political economy at the AUC, said during the discussion that the Egyptian economy is in dire straits and something must be done to 'stop the bleeding'.