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Personalisation: Optimists blame bad events on external factors, whereas pessimists tend to put the blame on themselves.
Yet I increasingly think that there is indeed a fundamental two-way division in humanity, between the optimists and the pessimists.
Among the profit confidents 67% intend to increase or maintain capital investment compared to 29% among profit pessimists and 70% intend to bolster R&D spending compared to 40% of the pessimists.
Regardless of what some pessimists think the bottom three will almost certainly stay the bottom three.
True pessimists believe their behavior doesn't matter, so they don't take positive steps to change.
Washington, July 24 ( ANI ): A new study has tried to understand how optimists and pessimists each handle stress by comparing them not to each other but to themselves.
I am faced as I do so, if you like, by two groups of pessimists," he said.
There are some pro-European pessimists who say, 'you have to, in Europe, simply sign up to every single thing anyone in the EU suggests.
Some pessimists "say there is no prospect of reforming the European Union, you simply have to leave.
Business confidence among people with jobs sensitive to economic conditions in Japan deteriorated in April for the first time in three months, the government said Thursday, although the index remained at a level at which optimists outnumber pessimists.
Katerina Neskova comments for Nova Makedonija that the division of pessimists, optimists and realists is an "eternal" subject for discussion for PM Gruevski.
Summary: Predicting the course of Syria's months-long unrest has been one for the pessimists.