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Hopefully this will help prevent harassing content and spam from pestering users.
Lady Rae said at the High Court in Edinburgh: "One was a 43-year-old man who was simply trying to stop you pestering a young woman who was clearly disinterested in your drunken and unwanted attentions.
BEFORE Pauline at 32st when fellas were often pestering her for a date
Shortly afterwards he was telephoned by a delighted mother who had quit thanks to her children's pestering.
Summary: The widower of reality TV star Jade Goody raped a teenager after pestering her for a threesome after a night out, a court has been told.
London, December 15 (ANI): Kids are increasingly pestering their parents to buy them posh brands and latest technology, thanks to the rise of "aggressive" advertising aimed at them, says a study.
How do I know the difference between encouraging him and pestering him?
He kept in touch and she took out a county court "non-molestation order" banning him from using or threatening violence, intimidating, pestering or communicating with her or going near her home.
Sentencing them, Recorder John Aucott said: "Robberies are all too easy to conduct and they cause fear, and in this case the pestering and bullying went on for some time.
Now she won't leave me alone, pestering with raunchy texts, begging for another session.
They've been pestering us to have a go at playing cricket so we arranged for the cricket development officer for the North to come in.