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Pesticide production mainly consists of three sectors, namely pesticide intermediates, API synthesis and preparation processing.
Every pesticide being used in the country has to be registered with CIBRC and the registration is pest and crop specific.
Children's bodies, since they are still developing, are particularly susceptible to health problems from pesticide exposure.
The government should introduce a law banning the superficial use of pesticides, while the communities create health awareness among the public by organizing campaigns that would highlight the evil effects of pesticide use.
Pesticide importers, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
The worker training courses are two-hours long and provide general pesticide safety information.
You must inspect pesticide handling equipment before each day of use for leaks, clogging, and worn or damaged parts.
Avery's criticism of our work by focusing on a single OP pesticide ignores the central thrust of the Food Quality Protection Act (1996), as well as the scientific advances that have taken place over the past 10 years.
The team recorded pesticide concentrations as high as 437 ppb--that's about 100 times as great as its L[C.
Department of Agriculture Pesticide Data Program (PDP), a national pesticide residue database program.
Adopting pesticide spray buffer zones around schools
a wood preserving plant that treats utility poles, railroad ties, marine pilings and other industrial-use wood with pesticides that protect it from rot and decay.

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