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Lumping a variety of high ranks under one metaphorical rubric, she declares that "it is the pestiferous purple which renders the progress of civilization a curse" (87).
King George III reportedly said that the revolution was caused by "those pestiferous Presbyterians.
Also recommended was "the evacuation of certain localities, where the occurrence of numerous cases indicates a pestiferous influence and the furnishing to the poor, as far as practicable, wholesome and nourishing food.
Ann Hughes, in "Thomas Edwards's Gangraena and Heresiological Traditions," situates Edwards within the long tradition of heresy-hunting and illustrates his pestiferous imagery and disorganized writing, beamed from his own window on truth as he decried the abominations of toleration that had led his fellow Protestants into error's infestations.
As Oporinus wrote, "the magistry is afraid that if so pestiferous a
Mosquitoes are pestiferous insects, which are responsible for the transmission of various dreadful diseases and the WHO has declared the mosquito "Public Enemy Number One" (1).
An obnoxious and pestiferous culture provides clauses that inhibit the progress of women and maintains them permanently in the suffocating stench of submissiveness.
The doctor then went on to add with even further disgust, "the clinic has become as ubiquitous as the mosquito in a swamp and equally pestiferous.
In the malevolent Gilbert Osmond, James creates a figure so spectacularly pestiferous as to have defined the lineaments of the aesthete for the next 50 years.
However, many of the chapters illustrate that English influence curtailed long-standing liberties for Scottish women (see Andrea Knox's "Barbarous and Pestiferous Women" for example).
I will impart to you a discovery of a far wider scope than the trifling matter that our water-supply is poisoned and our medicinal Baths are standing on pestiferous soil .