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When the death of the king's family is described, it is written that mhmst yitsp rsp--"one fifth Resheph gathered unto himself'- which is understood as a reference to plague or pestilence.
However, in the case of Negros Oriental where sugarcane is one of the primary agricultural products in the province, Cajucom noted that the PCIC will only give insurance to those farmers whose crops are damaged by accidental fire aside from the usual calamities and pestilence.
A letter by a fellow of Clare College states that pestilence "rageth most in St.
Errant knights in service to the Church, Nicolas Cage (above) and Ron Perlman escort witch Claire Foy across a country ravaged by pestilence.
Asset owners of all sorts, but especially those sponsoring defined benefit plans, are exposed to this pestilence.
The likeness of any winged fowl that flyeth in the heavens or dwelleth in the sea or on the lake or pond may bear a pestilence within its flesh and blood and be a danger of health unto you.
People go to Newcastle city centre to enjoy themselves and they are instead bombarded with war, disease and pestilence on a giant screen
During this time of "faith" 30,000 citizens died due to the amazing pestilence.
GSAs will have the effect of giving a pestilence a place in the sun.
The vines have survived drought, pestilence, disease and Prohibition.
On the shelf since the Dark Ages of 2009, "Airs Faire in Love" uses the novel setting of a Renaissance Faire--in which performers and patrons alike celebrate ye olde age of plague, pestilence and bad dentistry--to restage the venerable summer-camp comedy, replete with romance, rivalries, cutthroat competition and a dramatic structure that seems positively medieval.
In his time he thought that to prevent population outstripping food supply it was necessary to have pestilence and wars.