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And when accompanied by a proper appreciation of the value of self-discipline and the rightful place of sex in marriage, these oaths are an efficacious antidote against the pestilent promiscuity prevailing among our youth.
78) Under such power, once a region has been deemed pestilent, the State Council may take measures to prevent potentially infectious persons or materials from entry by giving orders to blockade the relevant sections of the border or designate primary air or sea-ports where the vessel can be searched and cleared for any communicable diseases.
matured autumnal fruits of the Woolsack" (975), are less charitably characterized by the second narrator as mere "wigs" and "silk gowns" (14), while Chancery officials' very titles, "maces, petty-bags, and privy-purses" (15), suggest that they possess less humanity than either Chancery itself, that "most pestilent of hoary sinners" (14), or its subset Jarndyce and Jarndyce, which has "stretched forth its unwholesome hand to spoil and corrupt" (17) generations of suitors.
3 DURIAN TOFU FA AT AUNTIE SWEET, HONG KONG One of the most irresistible products of Hong Kong's imaginative dessert culture is this simple dish, which combines bean-curd cream and a fresh piece of durian--a pestilent and erotically charged fruit.
The disdain for both the 'copying' of traditional architecture (and most of all the pestilent misery of masonry, especially brick) coexists with equal scorn for the 'functional style'.
But then he tried to sneak back into Britain, much as a pestilent rat might seek warmth, safety and comfort in an insecure house.
A second ship, Voyageur--called "a pestilent steamer owned by speculators whose morality lay in profit" by the Colonial Advocate, a journal of the day--carried infected passengers to Quebec City, and then to Montreal.
His daughters Marianne and Elinor, as well as their sister and mother, are sent to Pestilent Island, where familiar characters, but rather unfamiliar and gruesome adventures, await.
In comparison with these beautiful birds and butterflies, the fly is annoying, dirty, pestilent, contaminating.
We have quite removed from men's minds what that pestilent fellow Paul used to teach about food and other unessentials--namely, that the human without scruples should always give in to the human with scruples.
SANA'A, April 2--The Agriculture Office in Sa'ada distributed 1,200 hormonal traps and 220 liters of legal pesticides to fight the tuta absoluta, a pestilent moth that has destroyed much of the governorate's tomato harvest.