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Clues as to cause are few, but in one case we see explicit reference to "the pestilential situation," an apparent reference to the Antonine plague (p.
To say nothing of the deleterious vapours and pestilential exhalations of the charcoal, which soon undermine the health of the heartiest, the glare of a scorching fire, and the smoke so baneful to the eyes and the complexion, are continual and inevitable dangers; and a cook must live in the midst of them, as a soldier on the field of battle, surrounded by bullets, and bombs, and Congreve's rockets, with this only difference, that for the first, every day is a fighting day, that her warfare is almost always without glory, and most praiseworthy achievements pass not only without reward, but frequently without even thanks; for the most consummate cook is, alas!
Corruption - by whatever name, shape or form it may take - is the same pestilential animal, and it must be exorcised from the ranks of our bureaucracy, whether in the BOC or PNP.
Purpura in association with pestilential fevers was described by Hippocrates and later writers, but it was not until the 16th century and the early part of 17th century that purpura in the absence of fever was recognised.
He pulled a 'gar from his pocket, shucked off the cellophane, lit it up, blew a skanky wad of pestilential smoke into the pristine air, and said right out loud to nobody in particular, "I'm not going home!"
And yes, the judiciary can help provide a deterrent to the pestilential scum who plague our buses by handing out some exemplary prison sentences.
Pestilential infestations aside, the local pride evidenced by the Sunderland Daily Echo in this "small army of immortals" was doubtless echoed in other provincial towns: "They are Sunderland children trained by Miss Hanman and the management say they have never had so little trouble in preparing youngsters for the play" (2 Apr.
As one of the astute letter writers observed last week, sodomisers often get custodial slaps on the cheeks, while forgers of employment enhancing documentation or sick leave certificates find themselves in a "pestilential prison with a life long lock" - albeit that I use Gilbertian licence here for literary reflect!
They believe that in case of partial decay, which is highly probable, cow dung will be more pestilential and may contaminate soil.
To make his case, he points to the unbalanced ecosystems of the eastern woodlands, where deer populations have reached pestilential proportions.
And a lot of those are the kinds of species that are pestilential for us--cockroaches, rats, mice, starlings, crows in some places, cats in some places, dogs in other places.