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A petar or petard comes from the jolly Early French word peter, which means 'to fart.
Naafi worker Tommy returned to the Petard after the men discovered vital Enigma codes - but Colin and Antony drowned when the U-boat sank minutes later.
L'agence officielle Irna a explique en fin de journee qu'"un jeune homme se trouvant dans la foule" massee sur le passage du President avait "allume un petard pour manifester sa joie".
How right C H Williams (March 5) is when he writes that exchanges have indeed meant that more people could have an incentive to be dishonest - hoist by his own petard, methinks
More than 150 metres of sewers will be laid in Mount Pleasant, with 553 metres installed from Petard Close to Dunster and Blackwood Road, Dosthill.
However, Sir John Smith VC in his 1968 GC book wrote that there was considerable discussion that the posthumous GC awards to Fasson and Grazier of HMS Petard should have merited the VC.
I think that's called being hoist by your own (terribly fashionable) petard, luv.
Maybe the Clintonites should worry about being served con fit de petard.
profited from special treatment by a brokerage firm under SEC investigation reminds one of the old saw, ``Hoisted (or at least embarrassed) by his own petard.
OH, how I am going to enjoy it next year, seeing Cameron and his cronies hoisted with their own petard, when Scotland votes for independence, "which they will".
Yet ectopic and petard are perfectly good words in their own right.
JUDGING from this evasive response to journalist's questions at the monthly Downing Street press conference at which he "repeatedly attempted to bat away the question of whether he wants to see Saddam Hussein hanged" (Daily Post, November 4), it is clear that much as he would like to see the extinguishing of Saddam as the beacon of continuing resistance to the illegal occupation of his country, Tony Blair has been hoist by his own petard over his own populist stance on capital punishment.