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PETIT, sometimes corrupted into petty. A French word signifying little, small. It is frequently used, as petit larceny, petit jury, petit treason.

PETIT, TREASON, English law. The killing of a master by his servant; a husband by his wife; a superior by a secular or religious man. In the United States this is like any other murder. See High, Treason; Treason.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Petit, a Staffordshire man and Wolverhampton land owner, used his art to oppose restorations which were altering the character of churches across the country.
Petit said: "Tottenham put the contract on the table for me, I needed a couple of days to think about it but they didn't expect what happened after that.
The Montblanc MeisterstE-ck Le Petit Prince Special Edition collection is available from Montblanc boutiques across the region.
This latter feature eventually furnished teenaged Petit with a one-way ticket out of the school, which destroyed her dream of becoming a teacher and forced her to live by her wits and a frustrating series of low-paying jobs.
"Now, he is a winner," said Petit. "His attitude and approach in every game is fantastic." | Emmanuel Petit was speaking on behalf of energy drink brand, Carabao and the EFL, at the first round draw of the Carabao Cup.
Currently, Petit Jardin Milano has entrusted its organic beauty care to 30 countries worldwide and the number keeps increasing.
But Petit, now retired, said he believes the final was the last stage in a carefully orchestrated campaign to ensure their victory from behind closed doors.
"Leadbetter and Clayton are like Vieira and Petit at Arsenal," said Holloway.
The investment in the short-term hire fleet will significantly reduce the age of trucks available and will enable Petit Forestier to provide customers with greater choice and availability of the latest models.
Just minutes after the Paris prosecutor's office said it was charging Bernard Petit, the French interior ministry announced his suspension and named Christian Sainte, head of the judicial force for the city of Marseille, as his replacement.
EMMANUEL Petit has condemned apathy in France towards Thierry Henry and claimed the country would be better under German rule.