petit larceny

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Petit Larceny

A form of larceny—the stealing of another's personal property—in which the value of the property taken is generally less than $50.

At Common Law, the penalty for the offense was whipping or some other Corporal Punishment. Under modern-day statutes, it is usually a fine, imprisonment, or both.

petit larceny

formerly in England, the stealing of property valued at a shilling or under. Abolished 1827. Still in some states of the US the theft of property having a value below a certain figure.
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Petit larceny, grand larceny, grand larceny auto, shoplifting, financial transaction card theft/fraud, etc.
This section was previously derived from older incarnations such as the felony petit larceny statute.
Two defendants charged with petit larceny sought federal habeas corpus relief challenging a condition of their bail under which they were required to enroll in, and complete, a one-day "Stoplift" remediation and education program.
In addition, 14 other drivers were charged with more than 5,000 counts of petit larceny.
He also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in 1990, DWI in 1992 and attempted petit larceny in 1993.