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One such brand is Precis Petite, which was recently taken over by Jacques Vert.
La Petite had been brought to Port Lympne Zoo near Folkestone, Kent from an Austrian safari park in October 1999 to take part in a breeding programme.
Distraught Hazel Wilson, 31, from Rutherglen, a customer at Petite VIP for three years, has pounds 70 in the store's savings club.
The terminological slip from "petite" to "petty" speaks volumes how this social group has often been treated by contemporary analysts or historians.
The Centre de la Petite Enfance has a total net floor area of 720sq m and contains a day nursery for babies and toddlers, a playgroup for three-to-six-year-olds and a small paediatric unit for regular medical check-ups.
She responds, however, that the New Deal and its programs to cushion the petite bourgeoisie's economic fall enfeebled the Klan and similar organizations, such as the Bund.
Using real companies and situations as examples, Anne Petite's analysis of the "fine art of customer service" will be tremendously useful.
Start by looking for the largest petite filets you can find.
After having impressed diners with discerning tastes and a penchant for French cuisine in Nice, London, Dubai, Istanbul and Miami, La Petite Maison will bring its contemporary sun-kissed cooking to the UAE's capital on October 15.
Cette conference traitera notamment les questions liees aux orientations strategiques regionales et nationales en faveur de la petite entreprise.
La Petite Maison has revealed the expected opening date for its upcoming Abu Dhabi branch.