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Petitionary prayer was significantly and positively related to change in intercultural competence while spiritual grandiosity was significantly and negatively associated with change.
39) For detailed discussion about the value of petitionary prayer, see Eleonore Stump, "Petitionary Prayer," American Philosophical Quarterly 16 (April 1979) 81-91, and Kevin Timpe, "Toward a Process Philosophy of Petitionary Prayer," Philosophy and Theology 12 (2000) 397-418.
Movement leaders called upon cantors to foster congregational participation rather than rely upon choirs to sing to the congregation; the organ was replaced by string and wind instruments to further encourage singing; congregations eschewed the high church formality of the Union Prayer Book and even the Gates of Prayer, replacing them with liturgical compilations of their own devising; rabbis substituted free-wheeling discussions in place of formal sermons; and congregants were drawn to a more personalized service, featuring petitionary prayers such as the mi sheberach for healing.
Ellis includes the whole Series, the `Compleynte paramont' (translated from Deguileville's Pelerinage), the Male Regle, two petitionary ballades, a miracle of the Virgin (later hijacked as a Chaucerian Plowman's Tale), and the Letter of Cupid.
That discovery, along with the exercise of gifts and charisms, may very well involve a fresh effusion of the Spirit in response to petitionary prayer.
The Role of Petitionary and Intercessory Prayer in Theistic Traditions
The magical power assigned to words comes to the fore especially in some laudatory, rather than petitionary prayers.
For example, Byrd and Boe (2001) tested attachment security in relation to self-reports of three forms of prayer (a) colloquial (conversational), (b) meditative (contemplative), and (c) petitionary (help-seeking) in a sample of college students.
Petitionary prayer, we know, has a poor track record in getting measurable results (for heart-bypass patients, among others).
In the "properly confessional moment," an awareness of the other that is necessary for judgment occurs and the confessing self turns outside himself: "Pure self-accounting--that is, addressing oneself axiologically only to oneself in absolute solitariness--is impossible; pure self-accounting is an ultimate limit which is balanced by another ultimate limit--by confession, that is, the petitionary advertedness outward from oneself, toward God" (143).
Ahavah Rabah ("Abundant Love," an exotic, petitionary mode) closely resembles Maqam Hijaz-Kar, whose scale sounds like Western Major with the second and sixth degrees lowered a half-step each, to create two augmented-second intervals (i.
Rather, the eucharistic words of institution have a decidedly epicletic or, if you will, petitionary cast.