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One who presents a formal, written application to a court, officer, or legislative body that requests action on a certain matter. In legal proceedings initiated by a petition, the respondent is the person against whom relief is sought, or who opposes the petition. One who appeals from a judgment is a petitioner.

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n. one who signs and/or files a petition. (See: petition)

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a person who presents a PETITION.
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He implored the court that the impugned FIRs describing the petitioner as head of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba were factually and legally incorrect.
He alleged that the petitioner lacked the tools to prosecute the case and that tribunal should compel the petitioners to call other witnesses in the case.
The bench asked the petitioners' counsel to move to SHC and reserved the decision on maintainability of the case.
'Due to the difference between the government rules and the law, kidney transplantation of my daughter could not be conducted,' the petitioner added.
The petitioner asked why there was heightened pressure by the state upon the indigenous ethnic Turkana community to surrender community land "in total disregard to their rights under the Constitution of Kenya and the Community land Act."
6, Petitioner asked Respondents: 'For each of the following factors, state whether it is Your experience that this fact has, since 2002, influenced the likelihood of removal to Cambodia, and, if so, state the nature of that influence: (1) criminal history; (2) birth outside of Cambodia; (3) length of residence in the United States; (4) lack of prior residence in Cambodia; (5) lack of family members in Cambodia; (6) mental health; (7) physical health.'
"Although the Petitioner is permitted to participate in the overall vote to approve or reject the Fire Department, Police Department and Town budgets as a whole, the Commission is aware that a general discussion can quickly devolve into a more narrow review of specific items.
Ground one alleges that petitioner's two 924(c) convictions (counts three and 11) were premised on the commission of crimes of violence, namely, the robberies alleged in counts two and 10 of the indictment, but such counts were ultimately dismissed pursuant to petitioner's plea agreement with the government.
Petitioner further charges that Magistrate Kamara is working in a cohort with the 2nd respondent Malessa Blayee to exploit and extort money from him and tarnish his reputation, which he has laboriously built over the years.
The petitioner challenged his convictions and sentences through an appeal which was dismissed by the High Court and all his convictions and sentences recorded by the trial court were upheld and confirmed.
The petitioner alleged that the transfer of money to Dubai was hidden from the Election Commission of Pakistan.
171 of the Insurance Ordinance, 2000 Scope Question before the High Court was whether the petitioner Postal Life Insurance, was amenable to the jurisdiction of the Insurance Tribunal under the Insurance Ordinance, 2000 Contention of the petitioner Postal Life Insurance was, inter alia, that since it was run by the Federal Government, it fell under the exemption created by S.