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Mr Chemitai ordered the petitioner Mr Joseph Ndiege to pay Sh1.
Likewise, the petitioners sought a mandatory injunction to compel the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (Caap) to cancel the high clearance permit (HCP) it issued in favor of RPEI.
The petitioners herein failed to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt.
The petitioner's lawyer, Shuaun Nabi, informed the SHC that the SC had ordered the education authorities to appoint the petitioners in 2012.
The petitioners stated that 7,000-plus tons solid waste was being dumped in nullahs (drains) every day, which ended up in the sea or was burnt openly.
The petitioners stated that every day, more than 7000 tons of solid waste was being dumped into Nullas (drains), which ended up going in the sea or burnt openly.
To which, a provincial law officer, on behalf of the CCPO Lahore, submitted a report and claimed that four police constables had been deployed at the residence of the petitioners and they were performing duty on rotational basis.
Four weeks later, with a pending habeas corpus petition and a court order for their release, the petitioners still find themselves without any right to liberty, with no reprieve in sight, and with no recourse to justice,' petitioners through lead counsel, former Solicitor General Estelito Mendoza, said in their 18-page pleading.
The lawyer of petitioners further informed the court that the name of Abdul Hameed (another petitioner) was also included in the list of forth schedule for the last one year.
Summary: When the America Invents Act (AIA) first proposed post-grant proceedings at the USPTO, many thought its estoppel provisions might deter would-be petitioners.
The four petitioners are ordinary citizens whose lives were badly affected by suspension of mobile telecom services which happened in Islamabad.
The court also expressed dissatisfaction over the record and observed that the reasons cited by the government for the petitioners detention were not enough.