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It is thought that there is a great impact of pre-Islamic Central Asian Turkish culture and beliefs on the legends related to petrifaction told in Turkey and in the Asian countries.
220)--and convinced he alone sees the creeping petrifaction that grips Maud's characters and threaten to incorporate them into the geological system of dead nature, experiences language as devoid of teleological meaning.
In his book on the face in cinema, Jacques Aumont sees film as being perhaps the largest denigrator of the face, as an agent of emptying and of petrifaction, but also as a privileged site for its redemption.
Are the noviter non nova, the quae didicisti, doce, and the depositum custodi too mired in a quest for immobile preservation and petrifaction, failing to encourage theological progress and continued insight?
That was why my body was passed along the line from building to building, with as few gaps as possible, from caryatid to atlas (the masculine singular), for the purpose of disseminating my sleep concerts, slumber plays, dreamer serenades, fatigue tragedies, exhaustion comedies, all to be marveled at, with feelings running ever higher, as the ultimate or penultimate secret lighting up for them the transfiguring significance of their immobile existence, to the point of a mysterious dissolution of their universal formula for the petrifaction equation.
Petrifaction Decline Asset Reduction Strategy Drop-Out Stage of Development Turnaround Market Shake-Out Or Liquidation Evolution Or Divestiture Growth Strategies Maturity Saturation Petrifaction Decline Figure 9 CCS_RCP Neural Network Module Input Neurons: H-S Winners/ H-A Winners/ M-S Winners/ H-Average Businesses/ L-Average Businesses/ Profit Producers/ Question Marks/ M-W Losers/ L-A Losers/ L-W Losers IA Part->High/ Medium-Sigh/ Medium-Low/ Low Output Neurons: Strong/ Average/ Weak/ Drop-Out Figure 10 GBS_RCP Neural Network Module Input Neurons: Share Increasing/ Growth/ Profit?
At such times, instead of being a functioning person with thoughts about loss, we become someone whose energy is absorbed in a kind of mental petrifaction.
Even "in the epochs of petrifaction and foreordained doom," she claimed, the faculty of freedom, "which animates and inspires all human activities and is the hidden source of production of all great and beautiful things," usually remains intact.
Some, both in Africa and Portugal, tried to avoid this fate of petrifaction in the time of the Portuguese household and the imperial home.
Liberalism provides valorization of the individual subject and the rule of law against the reactionary potential of institutional petrifaction and authoritarian principles.
However, Shaw's's Passion, Poison and Petrifaction, a burlesque of Victorian melodrama, which was specially written to be performed at a garden party in 1905 to raise money for the Actors' Orphanage Fund, should have been buried in the garden and not disinterred.
How they form: Water and dissolved minerals flow through bones--a process called petrifaction.