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The subjects of the legends told in Turkey vary, but the legends about petrifaction seem to be the most striking.
who can provide global responsibility, we have seen that the first two approaches converge in a naturalistic model which, as is known, leads to social petrifaction.
By focusing on the pleasurable aspect of crystal teeth as representing varied sensory consumption (crystal teeth a metonymy for eating, as well as an erotic visual pleasure, or as a flashy substance), Bertran directs us towards a reading of crystal away from Dantes poetics of crystal stone that emphasizes crystalline petrifaction in a negative carnal sense.
Not only are individuals transmogrified in the text's speeded up vision of petrifaction, all materials, even gold, exist as interchangeable and subtly mutable.
The essence of some social types lies in their constant adaptation to the flux of capital that surrounds them; at the other end of the spectrum, it is the very accumulation and petrifaction of wealth that allows for others to exist.
On the Rocks, Overruled, Passion, Poison and Petrifaction, The Philanderer, Press Cuttings, Pygmalion, Saint Joan, Shakes Versus Shav, The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet, The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles, The Six of Calais, Too True to Be Good, A Village Wooing, Why She Would Not, Widowers' Houses, and You Never Can Tell.
The company also provides investment services to companies active in the petrifaction, chemical fiber, real estate, logistics and trade sectors, as well as support services for finance, information, management, brand and culture.
Complete petrifaction has been considered in France 1789, when the question of whether or not a constitution should be an amendable document or rather a secluded system was discussed controversially; however, this approach has not been adapted eventually.
2) The other plays by Shaw that have the word tragedy, or a variation thereon, in their generic descriptions are the essentially comic one-acts: "Passion, Poison, and Petrifaction, An Indigestible Tragic Romantic Comedy" (1905), and "The Glimpse of Reality, A Tragedietta" (1909); and the fourth play in the Back to Methuselah cycle (1921), entitled The Tragedy of an Elderly Gentleman, is really a comic spectacle touched with pathos in which the central character is a satirical substitute for self-pity.
At the beginning, where the Civilization is developing to full bloom (today), there stands the miracle of the Cosmopolis, the great petrifaction , a symbol of the form less--vast, splendid, spreading in insolence.
being a process of petrifaction, till you become a stone