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Petrifaction legends told in Turkey are one of the most interesting subjects that draw our attention.
It was found in 1813 and displayed for a while in John Mawe's "Museum and Petrifaction Warehouse" in Matlock Bath before being bought by the 6th Duke for display in the Grand Conservatory at Chatsworth (Adam, 1851; Porteous, 1950).
Barthelmi Faujas Saint-Fond wrote in a 1799 travel book, "The museum is composed of manuscript and printed books; of Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, and Roman antiquities; Indian, Chinese, and Japanese idols; of the vestments, weapons, and utensils of the islanders of the South Seas and other savage nations; of quadrupeds, amphibious animals, birds, insects, fishes, shells, and other marine productions; of minerals, petrifactions, and fossils of every kind.
15 svocitem (vicomtes) 5 iec (ice) 121 lnewgda (wangled), owl, nicer, fie, wet, age, med) 9 tiecrna (certain) 11 ittiecrna (intricate) 156 eprslud (slurped, lowed, crepitation, fried, wites, gavel, odeum, bayed) 149 rsuatni (nutrias, growled, petrifactions, figured, waiters, voltage, eudemon, beadily) 6 nuh (hun) 10 aby (bay, la) 15 re (re, glowered) 35 hm (hm, waterish, megavolt) 16 ro (or, diablery) 1725 oneznuhxabyxpoe (oxyphenbutazone, prettifications, xu) Total 2275
3, 4), it is not possible to associate particular medullosalean-stem impressions with particular foliar species (Wnuk and Pfefferkorn 1984), although many species of Medullosa are already known from coalball petrifactions (Stewart and Delevoryas 1956; Basinger et al.
Subjective experience--what goes on in our own lives, which a mythifying culture operates to obscure from view--is on the other hand the only ground upon which truth can rest, and generates a form of knowing which does not have to be fashioned into a monument to acquisitive cleverness, or studied academically, or hoarded in technical expertise, or even spelt out articulately; but is,s rather, safeguarded to considerable extent from such petrifactions precisely because it cannot be requisitioned for use in the business of acquiring things, friends, or reputation.
The fantasies that transform the landscape around the "I" into a desolate burnt area, and the "I" into a corpse are paralleled by the image of the petrifactions, which are themselves organic matter turned into lifeless substance.