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Only by a representational "sleight of hand," which allows him to see obliquely without being seen, can Perseus decapitate Medusa and evade the mortal danger of petrification.
In contrast to the petrification enacted by Medusa's gaze, Calvino cites Eugenio Montale's artful juxtaposition of the weighty and the light in his poem "Piccolo testamento": "[.
But there can be no return to past forest petrification.
This is petrification and it is a process; fossil is the result.
In the next section I shall try to go further, analyzing the second hypothesis, which concerns the intersection of social petrification and technological hegemony.
Made of fabric hardened with epoxy, these lurid helmets, which appear almost viscous, are stuck, like chopped-off heads, atop steel poles, and they rotate slowly toward and away from each other: a portrait of husband and wife (Mann and Frau mean this too) as coupled Medusas whose gazes bring mutual petrification.
On the flip-side, Paulson-known universally, and likely in perpetuity, for one extraordinary trade-has quietly stuck to his knitting and evaded the petrification that sets in with so many of his peers.
They have all traditionally been interpreted as different means towards the same end: petrification and death.
Juche Tower, a phallus-like petrification of Kim Il-sung's world view and the lodestar of North Korea, occupies a special place in the cityscape of Pyongyang.
Hough first used the term "institutional pluralism" in his article "The Soviet System: Petrification or Pluralism.
It is this form of literature that holds the most promise for the strengthening of the bond between experience and medium since it prevents the entrenchment of the habitual, the petrification of the imaginative function by that past or present reality upon which it reflects.