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The next day, the people saw that the camel was petrified where it had been lying.
But despite the park's ability to surprise and delight, the experience at Petrified Forest had lost its sheen.
In fact, petrified wood is Mississippi's official state stone.
Founded in 2001 by collector and artist, Don Bradley, Paleo Lithic Art strives to present gem-grade dinosaur bone and petrified woods in displays previously unseen in the art world.
The dinosaur remains were unearthed in southern China from petrified sediments laid down between 100 million and 65 million years ago.
Also, wood such as pine: mahogany; petrified with uneven edges; or pieced, recycled wood are big sellers, explains Carpenter.
Glass walls are penetrated at intervals by thick black intrusions of petrified lava, and the long translucent slash of the spinal roof seems to float above the ground.
Merrill Ashley's costume for Carabosse, festooned with petrified lace as lethal as a black widow spider, helps her "turn malicious into delicious," in the words of our writer Joe Carman.
There is a vast difference between being prepared and being petrified.
A hammer throw, which bounced off the grass and skimmed off our head without actually denting it, as we sat petrified on the photographers bench.
He captures his models in the grip of their suffering, in petrified moments that can never flow into release or fulfillment.
Also new are the Petrified Forest collection that captures the beauty of the earth in prehistoric times and Picnic Blanket, an area rug celebrating the carefree post-war fifties.