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The ministry said that the part which was excluded from the protected area has lost its biodiversity and is empty of petrified trees and the object of excluding this part of land is to preserve the petrified wood in the southern part of the area.
I left there petrified of sleeping in snow, frostbite, moose, wolves and bears
Because of his rising doubts, Fasold collected twelve samples from various places at the structure that were being described as petrified wood, along with an "iron bracket," a part of an "anchor stone," and a "reed stone.
Petrified forest is a unique testament to the ecosystem that once existed in the area.
According to Nesrin Feyzioglu, "Sometimes a curse (imprecation) causes petrifaction; sometimes those who commit sin are petrified by undergoing the wrath of God.
This was Ekta Kapoor's first bike ride as she has always been too petrified of two- wheelers
The Petrified Forest National Park lies in the Chinle Formation.
Because they were petrified, and in many cases replaced with silica, much of their internal anatomy was fossilized, sometimes at a near cellular level," says Kirk Johnson, a paleobotanist and director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.
Petrified wood structures such as tree rings, various tissues and others features represent tree age and seasonal changing in plants.
Designated as a National Natural Landmark and recognized as the only known petrified forest east of the Mississippi River, each year the Flora property welcomes nearly 15,000 visitors from all 50 states and more than 30 countries.
Fortunately he was not injured but has described feeling petrified throughout the incident.
According to the poll of more than 970 people, 34 percent are so petrified they put off holding a scary conversation for at least a month--nearly 25 percent have put off the conversation for more than a year.