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A petrol bomb was hurled after the statue of social reformer Periyar (EVR Ramasamy) was vandalised in Vellore, just like Vladimir Lenin's statue in Tripura.
DANGER Sources say Gallagher was burned by own petrol bomb
The petrol bomb deflected off the windscreen and onto our neighbour's wall.
Four police officers needed treatment for burns after the petrol bomb incident.
On the other hand, noisy scenes were witnessed in the so-called Kashmir Assembly over the petrol bomb attack on the truck.
It is understood the suspect drained fuel from a car before using it to create a petrol bomb.
No one complains if protesters use petrol bombs, what would be the reaction if the police or armed forces used flame throwers?
Petrol had been thrown through the front door first, then a petrol bomb was thrown.
One of the workers told us that a car had driven past and someone threw a petrol bomb in to the door.
masked youth throws petrol bomb after march, below Flames.
A trio came under attack from youths who hurled stones, masonry and six petrol bombs at them in Rasharkin, County Antrim.