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God knows how I croaked out this column looking at a half-consumed bottle of Pettier.
It was pettier than the actress Lori Petty being scolded by a petty officer for buying a petticoat with petty cash to wear at a Tom Petty concert.
Suthar S (2007) Vermicomposting potential of Perionyx sansibaricus (Pettier) in different waste materials.
For example, in the recent benzene scare involving Pettier mineral water, Perrier management handled the crisis by withdrawing the brand temporarily from American stores and undertaking a promotional campaign to reassure customers that the spring water was pure and would soon return to the shelves.
Hence, the name entropy dimension is sometimes used for [D.sup.1], which was determined with analytical method (Zeleke and Si 2004; Pettier et al.
We note that this plant was widely distributed in the north and in the centre of Tunisia (Pettier Alapetite 1981; Le Floe's 1983).
Omar Ulmer Omar Doom Major Hellstrom August Diehl Pettier Lapadite Denis Menochet Joseph Goebbels Sylvester Groth Hitler Martin Wuttke Gen.
It's really no wonder women have issues with their bodies, when even going to the shops for a litre of milk can be enough to persuade some body conscious people they should be skinnier, pettier or more in vogue.
Yet Mann's work differs from fiction in refraining from describing the pettier side of human existence, one of the novel's particular interests.
But it also depicts the absurdity of life in any bureaucracy--the meetings for their own sake, the pointless training sessions, the petty corruption and pettier tyranny, and the barely suppressed state of impotent rage that is the lot of the cubicle drone.