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By favoring certain people and disfavoring others, often for the pettiest of reasons, Thullananda insists on seeing other monastics as individual personalities--violating the basic idea that one should always have respect for the "yellow robe" and what it signifies, regardless of the qualities of the one who wears it.
For the hot-tempered, the pettiest annoyance results in out-of-control anger.
The criminal justice system is now reserved almost exclusively for ordinary Americans, who are routinely subjected to harsh punishments even for the pettiest of offenses.
National leaders resist efforts to pursue the common good and seek instead the pettiest of political victories.
WITH years of hard labour dished out for the pettiest of crimes, Victorian convicts paid harshly for falling foul of the law.
The widespread repetition of these ideas among Tea Party members and partisans who care nothing about the truth has emboldened Republicans in Congress to adopt scorched-earth policies--putting holds on every administration nominee despite the person's qualifications, filibustering every bill that comes before the Senate regardless of its merit, and engaging in the pettiest obstructionism imaginable.
This phenomenon sometimes takes the form of an attack on individuals or vandalism of public institutions for the pettiest of reasons, without justification.
Young Jean Lee's deceptively free-form "Lear" starts out as a bug's-eye view of Shakespeare's great tragedy, exploring some of the Bard's pettiest characters as they pick at each other during the moments they're not onstage in "King Lear.
Police and government officials had wanted to deter even the pettiest of offenders, and in 1815 more than 200 crimes, including theft and poaching, carried a death sentence.
Stuart Mayfield, Uddingston, said: "Gordon Strachan suffers from Wee Ginger Man Syndrome and he must be the pettiest guy on the planet.
I remember admiring his honesty and courage in exposing his most shameful desires, his pettiest jealousies, his most ardent wishes, his darkest thoughts, and his loftiest notions of himself--in nonfiction.