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His conclusion in the latter, 842, is conceived narrowly: "treason remained a personal crime, committed by individuals with often the pettiest, most idiosyncratic of motives--on occasion, indeed, with no perceptible motive at all.
I have a few other disgruntlements to air, the pettiest being with Ormsby's defiantly middling titles.
And it is often the pettiest bureaucratic tyrannies that do the most both to discredit the administrative state and to undermine the proper role of government in a free society.
The pettiest law recorded in Hebrew lore, the most insignificant and foolish custom - the entire Diasporal rope that winds from generation to generation around his neck and throttles and almost chokes him out of his breath - he regards as holy
Security guards, he says, have set out to shove even the pettiest of criminals out of the partnership's domain.
Perhaps the most distinctive stamp of Lumet's prose is his tendency to skip from the weightiest of issues to the pettiest of details.
What I am arguing here is that the history of blacks' foreclosure from production and commerce, and the need to invigorate and further develop the black public sphere, warrant that special attention be paid to even the pettiest form of black entrepreneurial activity.
My dad owning the store, as I said, and this beauty being no larger than a cigarette, my crime had to be the pettiest of all petty thefts.
Head, is quite readily able to betray his own grandson for the pettiest of reasons (so much for all of our heady, self-important lives); and as in "The Lame Shall Enter First," which offers a psychologist of sorts who can't see how hurt and vulnerable his own son is, even as he seeks to work with a youth who has no use for him.
Congress has needlessly discarded years of our work as well as $1 billion for the pettiest of political motives.
Yes, certainly it is the beauty of Islam that its teachings cover even the pettiest of issues.
They backed up their demands with threats of strike action for the pettiest of reasons.