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These stereotypes have led to a lack of communication and interaction, even to the belief that the two groups have different psychological profiles--one introspective and incapable of dealing with people, the other extroverted and too large-minded to be bothered with the pettifoggery of cataloging.
The corruption of academic life is pettifoggery, captiousness, and preening vanity which differs from but is just as harmful as its governmental counterpart.
Zeligs does acknowledge that before the House Un-American Activities Committee Hiss's "painstaking manner" had "succeeded in giving the appearance of evasiveness and pettifoggery," and that Hiss's "quasi-virtues of perfectionism, deliberateness, and ultra-caution were self-defeating .
Persiflage or pettifoggery are not endearing traits, but they are not transgressions meriting summary financial execution.
Now monologues, dialogues, pantalogues, rantalogues, admonitions, sussurations, disquisitions, expositions, prattle, persiflage, pure pettifoggery, but never that achieved caesura which each new percussive aria augurs yet in the end fails to produce
Spencer fell into confusion, Nietzsche into shameless posturing, Huxley into witticism, and Marx into wardheeling pettifoggery.
But having experienced firsthand the High Priests' obsession with enforcing irrelevant regulations and their zeal for bureaucratic pettifoggery, I've reached an opposite conclusion.