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According to Ms Coles' advocacy worker the council only agreed to fund the course when he threatened to go to the press - but rather pettily refused to meet two months' fees.
Probably as much as I find tiresome reading stories of people who pettily market themselves as the poor, brown Mexicans who made it big.
Our approach was absurd, counter-productive and, often, pettily vicious--that tends to happen when civilian appointees, determined to impose their theories on reality, reach down to adjust the smallest pieces on the battlefield.
And, since the contestants (the show started with 16), who vie for a lucrative $250,000-per-year position within Trump's dynasty, are already successes in the business world, it's somewhat comforting and highly entertaining to watch them behaving as pettily as the lowliest scrub on a Fox reality show.
I have watched three games and in all three he reacted pettily on numerous occassions.
That even writers as formidable as Frazier and McPhee have yielded to such pedestrian rehearsals is testimony to the pettily autobiographical frenzy that has lately seized American essayists--a frenzy for cozy, complacent, and oddly insular self-revelation that has swallowed them up numbers.
63) But in Oriental Daily Publisher Ltd v Ming Pao Holdings Ltd, Yuen J held that saying that the newspaper was acting pettily and was over-reacting, and that it was not being fair and balanced or acting ethically, were statements of opinion and met the requirements of fair comment.
Amazing how people find it remarkably easy to do and say pettily rude things to black people that they would never dream of saying and doing to whites.
Ashcroft even pettily ended the practice of paying Carnahan a pro-rated higher salary on days Ashcroft was absent.
And even though he made more money than 98 percent of the taxpayers who labored to pay his salary, he pettily schemed to take more of their cash.
In the end such analysis seems itself spiteful, pettily judgmental-and counter productive.
Speaking on the club's official website, Murray complained somewhat pettily about what he sees as a pro-Celtic bias in the media.