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12) Note that Leonard's nickname for Virginia, 'the brute', seems to image her unmanageable and often virtually savage side, which is handily managed by the pettish cosiness of this interchange.
unreconciled To capture; and completely gives Its pettish humours licence, barely Requiring that it lives.
30) The teacher admitted punishing the child, although he denied that the punishment was inappropriate, and he suggested that "these children are very pettish in manner, and I have no doubt that they sometimes tell stories at home.
Velazquez, a partner with Pettish Freyberg Marcus & Velazquez.
In the end, though, Essex fell through irresponsibility, the only mystery being why Elizabeth tolerated his pettish proceedings so long.
17) Thus Nuvoletta's pettish "There are menner" may be read as Joyce's representation of West's disappointment at not being taken seriously by these men of 14.
And then there was the matter of Clemens's disturbing, pettish reaction in 1910 to Helen Allen's nonchalance in Bermuda, where, troubled by anginal chest pain, Clemens expressed jealousy about Helen's boyfriend Arthur and filled pages of his notebook and manuscripts with anguished reflections about her attitudes.
Jeffrey's attacks on stylistic aspects of the poem are represented by a somewhat pettish complaint about the 'lowness and vulgarity' of a description of venison pasties (PW vii.