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Petty cash of $425 was included in the cash balance.
Six employees--alleged to have received large, secret bonuses from the agency's petty cash fund in addition to regular salaries -- were fired.
She denied a claim that she had told a postmistress in St Mellons that she was withdrawing so much - PS500 a time - because it was wages and claimed she herself knew the petty cash account "was in a mess" and asked for help but didn't receive any.
It is claimed Wootton-Thomas, who was put in charge of managing the petty cash account used for staff expenses, wrote out 75 cheques, each for PS500, and kept the money herself or siphoned it into her elderly mother's bank account.
Nicola Lloyd had locked her hairdressing shop Crown Lane but the same evening the front window was smashed and a petty cash tin was taken.
He took PS9 in petty cash and blood left at the scene was found to be his.
He tried to replace it by using money from the petty cash box, but within two months he had lost PS40,454 of the firm's money.
They made off with a small amount of petty cash and a mobile phone.
It was pettier than the actress Lori Petty being scolded by a petty officer for buying a petticoat with petty cash to wear at a Tom Petty concert.
Again, thieves forced open a rear door and managed to make off with a laptop and petty cash.
A Freedom of Information request revealed Plaid Cymru's Caernarfon MP Hywel Williams, Mark Williams, Lib Dem Ceredigion, and Labour's Vale of Clwyd MP Chris Ruane, were among the 60 MPs using the petty cash payments system.
That sounds like a hefty chunk for a SuperLotto jackpot, but it's petty cash to a $3 billion agency like the MTA.