petty detail

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To this old artist-lover she grants no petty details, no chance revelations of this or that sweetness and quality but her whole pure self.
It is in the petty details, not in the great results, that the interest of existence lies.
Worst of all, when the actual duties are comprised in such petty details as now vexed the brooding soul of the old gentlewoman.
Statesmen, rulers, generals, and all men who act over an extensive sphere, are most liable to be deluded in this way; they commit wrong, devastation, and murder, on so grand a scale, that it impresses them as speculative rather than actual; but in our procession we find them linked in detestable conjunction with the meanest criminals whose deeds have the vulgarity of petty details.
Now, if my public duties were not a favourite child to me, if I were not occupied with large measures on a vast scale, these petty details might grieve me very much, Miss Summerson.
Having no husband or children to occupy her, she fell back on petty details.
Her real competition, hilarious in exquisitely petty detail, is with "Blind Girl, One Leg, and me, Deafie.
We rush around answering every petty detail so the buck does not rest with us and we have no time for our own lives or the truly creative process.
Why does the media wrap itself up in needless and petty detail in the private lives of these people?
The argumentation of the final chapters replays the political maneuvering over the Clinton Plan in its petty detail.
However, various agencies, including CISF, custom, immigration and the airline took almost two hours to complete the formalities as the deputy commissioner of the Customs department and the CISF assistant commandant argued over a petty detail in the official procedure and refused to sign the documents.
And in curious parallels with his arch enemy Saddam Hussein, the world's most powerful man comes across as confused, tightly wound, prone to mood swings and obsessed with petty detail.