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"A petulant kick is now four weeks and a deliberate kick is eight and Ryan's was no more than a petulant kick so his four week suspension is fair."
Blackpool took a shock lead four minutes into the second half through on-loan striker Rob Matthews, but seven minutes later Barry Shuttleworth was red carded for a petulant kick at Andy Gurney.
Considering that thus far all he is remembered for is getting sent off for a petulant kick (1998 World Cup), turning on England fans who gave him stick (Euro 2000), jumping out of tackles (2002 World Cup) and missing two penalties (Euro 2004), this prediction is surely the equivalent of Davina McCall saying: "My next chat-show series will definitely be my best yet."
Duguid's scrambled goal leaves Reading languishing in the Second Division twilight zone, but he was lucky to be on the pitch after a petulant kick that left Reading's Byron Glasgow clutching his face in agony.
As a result we ended up with a petulant, repressed man scared of his own shadow and frequently accused of not belonging to the real world.
I've never been a fan of Kingsman star Egerton, but now there's no denying the He [Egerton] makes Elton a magnificently flawed, petulant, often unpleasant figure who wins our sympathy through his...
MATT WALLACE has apologised for his "petulant" behaviour at last week's British Masters.
England's Matt Wallace has apologised for his "petulant" behaviour on the final hole of last week's British Masters.
But wait, maybe the 'Brexiters' weren't "petulant mutineers" after all because Mr Marsden also believes that Leavers' central motive was to "...
"He picked up a book and started to stamp on the spot, like a petulant child.
A "PETULANT" driver knocked over a grandmother as she crossed the road with her family then deliberately made off from the scene.
This petulant and brusque demeanour of President Trump could be better understood by the recent book 'The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump'.