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Given IDS's petulant, idiotic grandstanding and all-round offensiveness, if we do stay in and Cameron remains at No10, he will finally cast this odious creature back to his richly deserved oblivion.
Never mind that the warning signs were already there: we were the then 24-four year old's eighth club, his former manager Martin Jol had called him "disrespectful and irresponsible" and he had earned a reputation for being injury prone, petulant and, more often than not, overweight.
CHARACTERS: Jimmy Connors, left, and John McEnroe - Two wonderful players but most of all funny, moody, petulant, brilliant showmen
The tackle he made to get a second yellow card was petulant, lazy and unprofessional.
You agree that if their voice was perhaps an octave higher then the good times would at last roll; of course, if the object of their affections was preoccupied by the seemingly stale and insipidness of your petulant sanctimonious friend's life then they obviously had ridiculously high and exacting standards and it was no wonder they were on their own.
Nick Frost, left, of Hot Fuzz fame, heads the cast as John Self, a British advert director shooting his first movie in New York, he finds dealing with predatory agents and petulant stars is as important as making sure the actors are in shot.
He said: "Over the years he's been a real stalwart for us, but today he was petulant and
having to rely on a diving and conniving petulant so and so.
Delap was sent off for twice kicking Wright-Phillips before the City man swung a petulant kick in response which is likely to see him sit out three games, starting with next Saturday's trip to Portsmouth.
May I suggest to the club that rather than resort to petulant tactics which have done nothing to enhance the image of Cardiff City amongst the vast majority of supporters, they actually consider imposing a ban on Peter Ridsdale, saving the club over pounds 2m, if the past 12 months are anything to go by; pounds 1m in wages, pounds 750,000 in the now infamous "gentleman's agreement" fiasco with Hasselbaink, and another pounds 400,000 in legal costs, defending the Langstone case because of the lack of a watertight contract.
I WOULD prefer to see three 35-year-olds in the Blues team, than younger, petulant, unhealthy 25-year-olds.