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On Saturday, Sandro petulantly tweeted that his absence from the squad to face Fulham was not due to injury and Sherwood (right) responded: "He's correct.
With the virgin queen strutting around in boots with a riding crop and her cousin parading petulantly in her tartan skirt as they argue, this scene has almost a panto-esque ring about it.
PRINCE Andrew petulantly snarls: "Don't you know who I am?
But as an international diplomat he started two wars on two continents which have done nothing to resolve the problems that started them and is calling for a third while petulantly blaming everyone else for not having his messianic zeal.
When Jamie 'No Brain' O'Hara then petulantly raised his hands in the direction of Huddersfield's Keith Southern and was rightly sent off, Wolves looked in desperate trouble and their whole season seemed to be on the line.
There have been further reports of "diva"-like behaviour with claims he'd said petulantly that it was his gig so he'd decide when to go on, whilst playing - presumably moodily - on his games console.
The opposition has decided to counter petulantly by stalling proceedings instead of looking at the bigger picture, which is the well-being of the people.
Last week, China petulantly boycotted many of the meetings around the IMF and World Bank meetings in Tokyo, and there have been countless anti-Japan protests, with Chinese government support or encouragement.
Now Mario Balotelli (pictured, far left) has been in all kinds of scrapes but he's never had a red card for kicking the ball petulantly into next-door neighbour Audrey's garden.
Van Marwijk admitted the threat from his wide men was "too little" - partly a reference to Arjen Robben, who stomped off petulantly after being replaced by Dirt Kuyt.
Ahmadi-nejad then went on a week-long strike, refusing petulantly to come to his office to express his anger.
Fishermen consider it a solid fact that, on a given day, bass will strike plastic worms of a certain color only, yet as little as 24 hours later will turn up their scaly noses at those very same worms and petulantly insist on being served an entirely different shade and pattern.