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Now Mario Balotelli (pictured, far left) has been in all kinds of scrapes but he's never had a red card for kicking the ball petulantly into next-door neighbour Audrey's garden.
Van Marwijk admitted the threat from his wide men was "too little" - partly a reference to Arjen Robben, who stomped off petulantly after being replaced by Dirt Kuyt.
Ahmadi-nejad then went on a week-long strike, refusing petulantly to come to his office to express his anger.
Fishermen consider it a solid fact that, on a given day, bass will strike plastic worms of a certain color only, yet as little as 24 hours later will turn up their scaly noses at those very same worms and petulantly insist on being served an entirely different shade and pattern.
Should we petulantly point to studies about which societal "class" is the more or less charitable, when the idea is for all to be more so?
Can you imagine the reaction here, if the Irish captain, standing in the wrong place before a kick-off at Twickenham, petulantly refused to move - when it clearly makes no odds at all to the outcome of the match - and Her Majesty was left standing watching his refusal in silent embarrassment?
The were signs of tension between Jamie Carragher and Torres towards the end of the Spaniard's Liverpool career - the striker petulantly put his finger to his lips when Carragher shouted instructions at him during a Merseyside derby in October - and Hills make the tough defender the most likely man to foul his former team-mate on Sunday.
Lee Young-Pyo, the veteran al-Hilal defender, was also sent off towards the end of the game for petulantly kicking an opponent.
Broad threw a dead ball petulantly back at Pakistan batsman Zulqarnain Haider, who was hit on the shoulder.
Broad threw a dead ball petulantly back at Haider, who was hit on the shoulder, during play at Edgbaston.
He petulantly hurled the ball at Zulqarnain, then on 22, at the end of an over and hit the wicketkeeper on the shoulder.
There was still time for Knights to be booked for petulantly hurling the ball at referee Peter Wright before the fi-nal whistle blew, to leave both managers reflecting on a season which has left both clubs languishing in mid-table the Blue Square Premier.