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Phalanx is rapid-fire, computer-controlled radar and 20-mm gun system that automatically acquires, tracks, and destroys enemy threats that have penetrated all other ship defence systems, according to Raytheon.
The contract, which provides for a $10 million option in FY15 and another valued at $291 million in FY16, includes support equipment for the Phalanx and SeaRAM Weapon Systems, Block 1B radar upgrades and kits for reliability, maintainability, and availability.
Phalanx is a rapid-fire, computer-controlled radar and 20mm gun system that automatically acquires, tracks and destroys enemy threats that have penetrated all other ship defense systems.
Founded in 2002 by several leaders from the highly regarded Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan, Phalanx Biotech Group has emerged as a leading manufacturer of DNA microarrays for basic research and genetic screening.
Our firm's extensive knowledge of New Jersey retail and the proximate location of Woodbridge Crossing to our headquarters on Route 9 in Woodbridge made it a great fit for our Phalanx Fund II.
Salter-Harris injuries of the distal phalanx of the fingers in young volleyball players may at first appear to be the result of acute direct trauma.
For almost three decades, remote-controlled weapons like Raytheon's Phalanx and Thales' Goalkeeper close-in weapon systems have provided much needed protection against incoming aircraft and missiles, but lighter systems have since entered the fray.
Summary: The Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, asked Washington to purchase Vulcan Phalanx systems,
The system consists of the Raytheon Phalanx radar for targeting rockets and the 20-millimetre Vulcan Gatling gun to shoot them down, with each component costing $25 million (e1/419 million), Haaretz said.
The new laser is designed to replace the 20mm cannon on the Navy's Phalanx system and the Army's Centurion system.
The pounds 9million Phalanx missile defence system did not stop the attack on the base at Basra airport which also injured several others.
Accompanied by his lawyer and surrounded by a phalanx of reporters, Almendarez Coello emerged from the passenger seat of a black S350 Mercedes, hours after he was scheduled to surrender.