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Pivoting on a remarkable claim Aristotle makes concerning the appearance (phantasia) of moral principles in his Nicomachean Ethics, scholars of philosophy explore the reception of phantasia in Ethics generally.
Y Aristoteles consideraba a la imaginacion (phantasia) como un mediador entre la percepcion y el intelecto (13).
(12) Articulating the relationship between sense perception and imagination (or representation), Aristotle writes, "And, since sight is sense perception par excellence, the name for imagination (phantasia) is taken from light [phaos], because without light, it is not possible to see" (De Anima 428b30).
We see that the things that move the animal are cognition, phantasia, decision, wish, and appetite.
A native Welsh speaker, she didn't learn English until she was ten years old, spending her days in an imaginative phantasia far divorced from mainstream pop culture.
Por lo tanto, la emision de la voz implica, de acuerdo con el De anima, dos condiciones: (1) la presencia de un alma sensible y (2) el uso de la imaginacion (phantasia).
Coleridge remonta la genesis de la ley de asociacion hasta Juan Luis Vives para separar sus funciones: "Phantasia, it is to be noticed, is employed by Vives to express the mental power of comprehension, or the active function of the mind; and imaginatio for the receptivity (vis receptiva) of impressions, or for the passive perception" (99).
The next poem, "Phantasia for Elvira Shatayev" (1974), depicts women engaged in a typically masculine path of endeavor (mountain climbing) who nonetheless actively engage its assumptions and structures.
This is hardly surprising when taking into consideration the history of the concept itself: while the term phantasia (the Greek equivalent to the Latin imaginatio) is explained in detail in Aristotle's De anima, his work containing his reflections on the nature of the soul, it is never mentioned in his Poetics.
Referring to this capacity interchangeably as enargia or evidenza, Tasso recalls the Longinian notion of phantasia, a mysterious process of image making.
One of the most extreme figures of pathos, fictio personae was the outcome of the speaker working up his creative phantasia to fever pitch.
Il reale e cio che Caravaggio sente il dovere di riconsegnare, piu che al "dubbio" metodico tanto caro a Descartes, a un piano operativo in grado di ridare voce a un'antica, ma comunque affidabilissima, phantasia; la stessa che dovrebbe nello stesso tempo esimerci dal chiederne ragione, come se potessimo accontentarci del semplice significato del fatto o della situazione di volta in volta rappresentati.