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Our books--the books which, for years, had formed no small portion of the mental existence of the invalid--were, as might be supposed, in strict keeping with this character of phantasm.
For months I could not rid myself of the phantasm of the cat; and, during this period, there came back into my spirit a half-sentiment that seemed, but was not, remorse.
Whenever I dozed I dreamt of horrible phantasms, of the death of the curate, or of sump- tuous dinners; but, asleep or awake, I felt a keen pain that urged me to drink again and again.
Turn Chartreux or Trappist, and relate your secrets, but, as for me, I do not like any one who is alarmed by such phantasms, and I do not choose that my servants should be afraid to walk in the garden of an evening.
In an assembly of phantasms such as I have painted, it may well be supposed that no ordinary appearance could have excited such sensation.
Bog-lights, vapours of mysticism, psychic overtones, soul orgies, wailings among the shadows, weird gnosticisms, veils and tissues of words, gibbering subjectivisms, gropings and maunderings, ontological fantasies, pan-psychic hallucinations--this is the stuff, the phantasms of hope, that fills your bookshelves.
She offers a configurative approach, investigating conceptual clusters, the metaphor of the body surface as limit or wall, the phantasm of flaying, the utopian fantasy of transcending the skin, theepidermis as a legible screen, and the body and its parts as bearers of ethnic information, colour traces, or stigmata, the curator of the gallery further explained.
Syrian and other refugees from the Arab and Muslim world are drawn to Europe and to Germany in particular, by the spell of a political phantasm which is informed by more than just social realities, economic forces, and political intransigence.
This is to be contrasted with another nondescriptivist theory, the Thomistic view, which characterizes singular thought as a kind of general thought, "indirect" or "reflexive," explaining the reference to a singular item in terms of phantasm.
Originally given the test name "Project Scissors" the game almost looks like a direct sequel if the trailer given can be trusted, with the isolated setting and the stalking of a familiar phantasm.
But unlike paintings that address the pervasiveness of altered states amid creativity, and more explicitly the topic of the drunk artist, as in several self-portraits by Kippenberger, Singer's work presents the alcoholic artist as a phantasm complete with beret perched atop an already formless head.
30am tomorrow is a less well known animation from 1993 called Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm (PG).