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For months I could not rid myself of the phantasm of the cat; and, during this period, there came back into my spirit a half-sentiment that seemed, but was not, remorse.
Our books--the books which, for years, had formed no small portion of the mental existence of the invalid--were, as might be supposed, in strict keeping with this character of phantasm.
Bog-lights, vapours of mysticism, psychic overtones, soul orgies, wailings among the shadows, weird gnosticisms, veils and tissues of words, gibbering subjectivisms, gropings and maunderings, ontological fantasies, pan-psychic hallucinations--this is the stuff, the phantasms of hope, that fills your bookshelves.
Turn Chartreux or Trappist, and relate your secrets, but, as for me, I do not like any one who is alarmed by such phantasms, and I do not choose that my servants should be afraid to walk in the garden of an evening.
She appeared to be walking in a dream; or, more truly, the vivid life and reality assumed by her emotions made all outward occurrences unsubstantial, like the teasing phantasms of a half-conscious slumber.
So saying, on he led his radiant Files, Daz'ling the Moon; these to the Bower direct In search of whom they sought: him there they found Squat like a Toad, close at the eare of EVE; Assaying by his Devilish art to reach The Organs of her Fancie, and with them forge Illusions as he list, Phantasms and Dreams, Or if, inspiring venom, he might taint Th' animal Spirits that from pure blood arise Like gentle breaths from Rivers pure, thence raise At least distemperd, discontented thoughts, Vain hopes, vain aimes, inordinate desires Blown up with high conceits ingendring pride.
From the end of the hallway, the Queen Mother appears, a phantasm, an apparition shrouded in black.
The thing they summoned wasn't Veronica's father but some other phantasm that begins following her around.
32) See especially Therese Cory's critique of the standard account of abstraction either as a process of selective attention to some aspects of the phantasm or as a process of stripping the material features of the phantasm, in "Rethinking Abstractionism: Aquinas's Intellectual Light and Some Arabic Sources," Journal of the History of Philosophy 53, no.
Steadily solemn is Eva Green, who fits right in as the titular Miss Peregrine, a resolute and protective guardia-looking like a staple, pretty phantasm from the Burton-verse, but managing to convey another fantastic creature with delightful ease.
I knew him as being the bassist for Phantasm, but didn't realize how big of a Shrinker fan he was.
She offers a configurative approach, investigating conceptual clusters, the metaphor of the body surface as limit or wall, the phantasm of flaying, the utopian fantasy of transcending the skin, theepidermis as a legible screen, and the body and its parts as bearers of ethnic information, colour traces, or stigmata, the curator of the gallery further explained.