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Using Judith's voice to install Charles Etienne as Henry's son, Quentin does indeed make her the "empty vessel" of the Bon-Henry union--she delivers Charles Etienne as its phantasmic issue.
What is true of loving action here is no less so of speech--for speech which is not alive is speech which maintains the reified world of the non-existent, or the phantasmic.
Final testing on the beta version 2 is already underway on the first, Phantasmic.
The stretch of such an extended time frame across the three books of the novel feeds into Morales's postmodern strategies of craft, including the collapsing of linear time and the unifying the thread of repeated rupture of time by the phantasmic atemporal characters Gregory and Papa Damian, who appear in each of the three books in the novel.
One final point about monsters is necessary before moving on to the next section, and that concerns where we place monsters in the daily news cycle--and this will become vital for understanding the way the fantastic and phantasmic weaves its way back in to the sober work of securing politics, as I am arguing.
Hinnov prefaces Chapter 1, "The Phantasmic Mother: Virginia Woolf's Fiction, Gertrude Kasebier's Photography, and Utopian Maternal Longing," with the 1884 photograph of two-year old Virginia Stephen sitting on her mother's lap, gazing at the camera while her mother looks down, and a stylized photograph by Kasebier called The Manger, or Ideal Motherhood (1899), in which a woman in a white dress and long diaphanous veil holds a swaddled baby to her breast.
The truth disguised and revealed by the myth of this joke is that emotional and physical contact, even for lovers, is never sustained on its own without some modicum of phantasmic support.
It doesn't matter, because the difference in The Third Policeman between these polar opposites of our waking state is only representational, the line between phantasmic and concrete not as fast as we suppose it to be when our minds are not meddled with by such iconoclastic slices of similitude as Flann O'Brien's book.
On the technical side, the rabbit skins did not decay as quickly as she expected and so the sombre and phantasmic effect that she hoped to produce fell flat.
In an echo of Henry James' Turn of the Screw, these children are so phantasmic that we wonder whether they are real or a figment of Macbeth's imagination.
Moore's The Descent of the Imagination offers a shrewdly angled account of Winterborne's inexorable "drift" into these phantasmic "regions"; an inexorable slide down the social and evolutionary ladder which reveals Hardy's exploration of remnant romanticism embodied by the "tutelary tree nymph" Marty South's "self-lacerating nostalgia".
Isabel's last words, in other words, constitute a silent, irrepressibly phantasmic, accusation directed against the all-knowing and confident American "world's" truth--which would include representing Pierre's deadly assault on Glen Stanly as a murder--and against the American reader/auditor who would sublimate social violence against the shadowy "Other" of the enlightened "world" in the name of the universal (tragedy, for example): the "Talismanic Secret.