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We should keep in mind this distinction between phantasy, day dreaming--the playground of the mind--and creative constructive imagination.
Laing (1969/1993) later developed his writings on the family social phantasy system and described the family as projecting, multigenerationally, messages and perceptions onto one another that could also induce one to madness.
As I hope to have demonstrated, psychoanalytic methods can lead to insights about how the unconscious plays out in the field, how we relate to our informants not simply as participants or sources of information but also as phantasy objects, and how our anxieties and phantasies can end up constituting the very questions that we ask--and conclusions that we draw--in our research.
This paper explores the significance of the creative process and the mechanisms involved in the shift from phantasy to reality.
In assessing the limitations of such sites, I argue that Marcuse's emphasis on the potential of phantasy to negate existing oppressive realities needs to be supplemented by a focus on masculinity and the place of the male body in online pornography.
The premise of "Beirut Phantasy," as you eventually learn, is that Simon Fattal is reading an excerpt of "Dream, Phantasy and Art" by Hanna Segal.
A High Treason Pictures and Wellfleet Phantasy production in association with Big Indie Pictures.
People lived in a phantasy in which the intrinsically 'good' sound market was split from the 'bad' extrinsic factors that caused the crash.
ENSEMBLE Cymru are heading back to school this month with a performance of Phantasy.
APPRENTICE Eddie Linehan can underline his good value for his 7lb claim when partnering Phantasy Rock for his boss Willie Mullins in the 50-85 1m2f handicap at Clonmel today.
And Apt Manor's stable-companion Phantasy Rock, penalised 6lb.
Other games being snapped up illegally include New Super Mario Bros for DS and Phantasy Star Portable 2 on PSP.