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Following Freud, Marcuse describes phantasy as a mental activity that links the conscious with the unconscious dimensions of life that are repressed or denied by the performance principle (especially in relation to sexuality).
Though it could not be more unlike "Beirut Phantasy," the 8-minute "Dear Victoria," by Beirut composer-cum-artist Cynthia Zaven also achieves something else-ness.
A common expression of this yearning for an 'unattainable perfect internal state', she maintains, is what she calls 'the universal phantasy of having a twin'.
He has established a particularly good relationship with the well-related Phantasy Rock, who has taken a bit of time to mature, but now appears a notably progressive sort who can continue to thrive on the prevailing fast ground.
On their debut single "Veronica's Veil," out on Erol Alkan's Phantasy label, a platinum melody serves as a smokescreen for a forlorn retelling of the story of Saint Veronica, the woman who wiped the sweat from Jesus' forehead before his crucifixion.
Too Human shares similarities with games such as Diablo, Dynasty Warriors, Phantasy Star Online and World of Warcraft.
Her theoretical work, and its basis in Freud, Ferenczi, and Abraham, is discussed, with attention to her ideas about phantasy, the paranoid- schizoid position, projective identification, the depressive position, objects, sexuality, fathers, babies, anxiety, and psychotic conditions.
43) He claimed that governed by "a single wish to be his own father" (44) the son "forms the phantasy of rescuing his father from danger and saving his life; in this way he puts his account square with him.
Adam Hoagland's Phantasy Quintet, also from the repertoire, displays a casualness that was refreshing, especially since this trait is not characteristic of today's Limon Dance Company, any more than it was characteristic of its founder.
sPavic successfully and playfully mixes reality and phantasy, creating a complex world where the borders between the present, past, and future are erased and where man seeks, often unsuccessfully, to unravel the mysteries of existence.
9/10 Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 and 2 (X-Box, Sega) THIS is a very hard game to describe.
Other references to the past include sculptural forms inspired by topiary techniques studied at Levens Hall, Cumbria, set amid fractured paths and parterres [Erotica, les chemins de la seduction by Julia Barton, Great Britain]; traditional Genoese pebble-paving techniques deployed to provide textures for visitors to experience with their bare feet [Risseu, le Caillou by Viarrengo & Gelati, Italy]; and a reinterpretation, in plants, of the 'Fantasy Landscape' by Danish designer Verner Panton shown at the 1970 Cologne furniture fair [Green Pliant Phantasy Landscape by Reynes-Dutertre, Delacroix, Dutertre & Debruyn, France].