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It also underscores the need to separate the Protagorean thesis that soul is to the speech of soul as condition is to symptom from the Socratic thesis that soul, without philosophy, necessarily completes what it knows with a phantom image of what it knows.
The missing dialogue Philosopher, which would have been the truth of which the Sophist and Statesman are two phantom images, could never have been written without Plato's reversion to Socrates' or Theodorus's narration of it.
5) The qualification, training, and experience of the phantom image reviewers.
Preliminary results from five patients with invasive ductal carcinoma as well as phantom images show that PEM lesion detection at a 5 mCi injected dose of FDG, or 50% lower than the dose commonly used in clinical practice, yielded comparable sensitivity while maintaining lesion detectability.
We nevertheless decided to assess local reconstruction quality along phase boundaries by measuring deviations in boundary length between the original 2D phantom images and their tomographic reconstructions.
veil phantom images, including a fragment of Raphael's religious icon afloat in a giant ear and the ghostly head of Dali's brother, also named Salvador, who died nine months before the artist's own birth.
A new 13-floor office building at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Finland reportedly causes reflections and phantom images on the radar screens of the primary radar at the air traffic control.