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He goes on to suggest that Pharisaism in the modern Christian Church tends to be identified by: dogmatism, egoism, sectarianism and sociological pugilism, traditionalism, legalism, separatism, judgmentalism, spiritual myopia, and hypocrisy.
It is, at the same time, a part of the church's role to root out Pharisaism, hypocrisy, pride, sectarian thinking and intolerance which are, alas, encountered among members of the church.
Narborough, "The Danger of Pharisaism," Canadian Churchman 70 (February 11, 1943): 83.
There is ample fodder in these references to portray Pharisaism as sanctimonious, self-righteous, hypocritical petrified formalism, and a degraded religious system corroded by casuistry.
Martin Goodman makes the following significant point: "Even more striking is the coinage of the term minut, `heresy,' since the creation of an abstract noun to denote a religious tendency was not otherwise common in tannaitic texts (for example, there was no abstract noun in Hebrew for Pharisaism or Sadducaism),"(45) thus suggesting, at least implicitly, a Hellenic influence on the Hebrew lexical development.
2 [sections] 9, the chief priests and the leading men of the city consulted him as a fourteen year-old), the general esteem which a claim to have sought wisdom through an ascetical training would hope to engender, and the credence he seeks for his own support of Pharisaism by claiming to have tried out all the sects of Judaism (2 [sections] 10).
Further: Is it too much to ask that moral leaders donning the "pro-life" mantle should cleanse their own institutions of spirit-killing sins such as sexism, racism, pharisaism, child abuse, exploitation of workers and persecution of loyal critics?
The trouble with this liberal pharisaism is that Nicaraguans are being nonmetaphorically shot, and not in the foot either, in order that a certain face might be saved.
Buber confined himself "principally to the primitive and early days of Christianity, and for that almost exclusively to the New Testament records on the one hand, and on the other side in the main to the sayings of the Talmud and the Midrashim, originating from the core of Pharisaism, which was to be sure influenced by Hellenism bur which did not surrender to it; I draw on Hellenistic Judaism only for purposes of clarification" (Buber, Foreword, Two Types of Faith, p.
And without eros and its vision, the ethical founders were dying in dry Pharisaism.
He also promises a future study of the more immediate "origins of rabbinic Judaism," which he considers to be Pharisaism, while the current volume is devoted only to the "roots of rabbinic Judaism," to be sought in the Jewish literature of the Persian and the pre-Maccabean Greek period.
Since Pharisaism is a continual problem for Christians, the preacher would do well to identify with the crowd, not with John.