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This dock, as I call it, was really a mere ditch just long enough at this phase of the tide to take the longboat.
Our young man was a stiff conservative, a Junker of Junkers; he thought modern democracy a temporary phase and expected to find many arguments against it in the great Republic.
Rose might shrink at first from the plain-spokenness of the situation, but this phase would soon pass and then the fact that she knew he was not hiding his love for her even from his wife would make it far easier to press his suit and possibly to bring it to a swift consummation.
I was anxious for you to be here when a rather important phase of our local history occurred.
Speaking professionally, it was admirably done," cried I, looking in amazement at this man who was forever confounding me with some new phase of his astuteness.
They had reached that phase just after sunset when air and water both look bright, but earth and all its growing things look almost black by comparison.
at the hideous defacement--the last grotesque phase of a creed which had served mankind well in its time.
An idle question that, as idle as to ask could mankind have prevented the decay that turned Assyria and Babylon to empty deserts or the slow decline and fall, the gradual social disorganisation, phase by phase, that closed the chapter of the Empire of the West
Their particular phase of doubt, of philosophic uncertainty, has been the secret of millions of good Christians, multitudes of worthy priests.
A long time dead" was his epitome of that phase of speculation.
It is just a phase of the contemptible ignorance of the times.
But that is not respite; it is another stage and phase of expiation.