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In this context, the precision feeding program showed advantages compared to phase feeding, and was a way to allow animals to be managed as independent individuals in the group (WATHES et al.
The example of phase feeding demonstrates how the project benefits from the internal trans- and interdisciplinary discussion process.
The validity of the phase feeding system for laying hens has not been established (NRC, 1994).
The second trial in the Finishing Pigs Systems Research programme at Stotfold is an evaluation of true phase feeding.
The effect of screw rotation speed, flow rate and minor phase feeding position was also investigated and is discussed in the paper.
Contrarily, one or two phase feeding system resulted in significant improvement in FCR by consuming less feed and attaining better growth rate when compared to three or four-phase feeding system in Japanese quail (Abdel Mageed.
By changing the phase feeding of the array elements the radiation pattern can be steered in the desired direction [2] without moving the antenna physically.