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Van Nortwick cautions such credits may have income-based phase outs so they should be verified with a tax advisor.
The European Union (EU) is approximately five years ahead of the US in (i) the phase out of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), including R-22, (ii) carbon emission standards for greenhouse gases ("GHGs"), and (iii) efforts to increase energy efficiency.
Additionally, nearly 90 percent of all municipalities will no longer be receiving revenue from the two taxes when the phase out suspends.
The phase out of personal exemptions for high income taxpayers is likewise slated to expire shortly.
New Solution Offering Helps Retailers Use Markdowns to Increase Customer Demand, Better Manage Inventory and Phase Out Products
To phase out the benefit of the personal and dependency exemptions, the tax bracket on which the surtax is imposed is extended by an additional $11,480 for each exemption.
Medium-term, the federally mandated phase out of R-22 refrigerants, which commenced in 2010, will create a supply gap that will need to be filled with reclaimed gas.