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A nonzero contribution is observed in all samples above the phase transition temperature [T.
It is obvious that at a phase transition temperature of 243 [K.
Calcination of the catalyst around its phase transition temperature may be responsible of the decrease in the degradation efficiency by changing the crystalline structure, which is effective on the photocatalytic activity.
15) When the complex was irradiated within the hysteresis loop at just below the phase transition temperature from [Fe.
The name of algorithm comes from the method of metal annealing, which assumes small steps in temperature and long time spending in the vicinity of the phase transition temperature of a solid.
The observed estimates of volume expansion coefficients in the glassy and rubbery phases and the phase transition temperature at the pressure 1 bar (see Table 2, item 10) give 0.
Gradual melting and freezing tests using thermocouples were also performed to look for the relationship between mass ratio and phase transition temperature.