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The unedited values show the result of the comparison of activate and calm epochs in the phasic electrodermal activity data, expressed in z scores.
In the present study, the maximum vasodepressor response occurred within 18 s of stimulus and blood pressure returned to baseline measurements in less than 1 min, highlighting the rapidity of this response and the necessity for phasic arterial monitoring; standard sphygmomanometry or automated digital sphygmomanometr would not identify these rapid changes.
The literature consensus is that claps are produced by contractions of the large phasic portion of the adductor muscle, whereas slow movements and maintenance of a given shell opening are achieved by the contraction of the smaller tonic portion (Chantler 1991, Wilkens 1981).
As Tables 1 and 2 show, the phasic contractions induced by veratrine were concentration-dependent.
Since one wants to obtain two different signals, the phasic SCR and the tonic SCL, the signal has to be split up.
However, Chang and colleagues (2012) found an opposite pattern in children with autism when they examined tonic baseline and phasic response to controlled auditory stimuli.
Multi Phasic Oral Drug Delivery - In-Vivo Opportunities and Challenges
The tonic and phasic chin electromyogram (EMG) activity was manually quantified during REM sleep of each patient.
Scallops swim via water jets produced by rapid contractions of the phasic adductor muscle and move with their ventral edge leading, seeming "to take a series of bites out of the water" (Dakin 1909 as cited by Yonge 1936).
monophasic'; flat line or wavy but no phasic change in amplitude of waves.
Method: After daily oral administration of Gegen 30 (Gegen, 30mg/kg); Gegen 300 (Gegen, 300mg/kg); Low_Dar (darifenacin, 3mg/kg); High_Dar (darifenacin, 30mg/kg) Low_Dar+Gegen 30 or High_Dar+Gegen 30 for 3 weeks, bladder detrusor strips of the rats were isolated and assessed with different stimulators for the measurement of tonic and phasic contractile activities (including phasic amplitude and frequency).