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2011), and they differ in their use of phasic and tonic muscles during escape responses (Tremblay et al.
As Tables 1 and 2 show, the phasic contractions induced by veratrine were concentration-dependent.
Evaluation of the contractile performance in scallops has been carried out in 2 complementary fashions: quantification of the escape response by observation of the performance of the intact scallop (visual observations, video-recording or pressure measurements) and measurement of the contractile properties of isolated fibers from the phasic adductor muscle.
The fast-changing phasic component (SCR in this study) reflects responses to certain stimuli with a typical pattern of the EDA curve.
From time to time, the skin conductance curve of participants in resting conditions shows phasic variations which cannot be related to any specific stimulus.
However, James (2006) and Zareian (2011) showed that anti-phase pattern did not tend to go towards in-phase pattern when the rhythm increased and increased rhythm led to phasic stability in that pattern [26, 27].
The same concentration of TAAC showed a stronger effect on the tonic than on the phasic component of noradrenaline-induced contraction.
One particular physiological event, which is a hallmark sign of REM sleep, is the appearance of phasic pontine waves (P-waves).
This phenomenon is called phasic alpha, or alpha wave intrusion.
This signal seems to depend on the dopamine, which is released in response to environmental cues, called phasic release, as opposed to the tonic seepage of small amounts of dopamine from nerve cells.
Moreover, we investigated phasic electrodermal activity, respiratory activity, and pulse activity in addition to heart rate.
Paul Ripley, who founded Phasic Labs following a five-year career at Sony, is also enjoying being his own boss.