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Currently equipped with several Webtron 750 flexo presses, Phenix was looking for a press to increase efficiency of output while remaining conscious of available space within its plant.
Phenix Investigations is a national leader in a broad range of investigative services, and specializes in solving workplace issues, employee problems, insurance fraud cases, asset searches, and locating and interviewing witnesses.
If the affiliation is approved, Phenix Mutual will pool its premium, losses and underwriting expenses with other companies in the group.
Its major self-owned brands include Phenix for global ski and outdoor sportswear markets, and Kappa for football, golf and athletic sportswear markets in Japan.
The Eisei Maru is a gravel carrier owned by the Eisei marine transport entity based in Himeji, Hyogo, while Ocean Phenix is a tanker operated by Daiichi Marine based in Tokyo.
Macdonald, Patricia Phenix sheds light on the more private aspects of these foibles and their effect on those closest to the man.
Contents: Silvia Fabrizio-Costa, "Introduction"; Nicole Guilleux, "L'etymologie de phenix: un etat des lieux"; Francoise Lecocq, "L'Empereur romain et le Phenix"; Arpad Miklos Nagy, "Le phenix et l'oiseau-benu sur les gemmes magiques"; Alain Goulon, "L'oiseau Phenix de Lactance e ses attaches a l'oeuvre apologetique"; Jean Maurice, "L'image du Phenix dans les bestiaires moralises francais des XIIe et XIIIe siecles"; Katia Zakharia, "La anqa.
In September, the government granted a license to Florida-based engineering company Phenix Pipeline USA to develop the Central American Pipeline Project, which will include up to four separate 470-kilometer pipelines, plus terminals and pumping stations.
The findings of the PHENIX experiment -- aided by the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) accelerator -- will be publicly announced during an international conference, Quark Matter 2002, that opened Thursday in Nantes, France.
On October 26, 2001, the Clarence Phenix Memorial ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH LIBRARY was dedicated at the Muhimbili University College of Health Science in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
1 billion to $200 million; closing towel finishing operations in Phenix City, Ala.
The detailed descriptions of the realities of war, especially the tedium punctuated by senseless slaughter, as well as the black humor mixed with horror, place Phenix squarely in the tradition of other antiwar novels of the twentieth century.