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I think Scholes will be in history as a phenomenal player, not as a pundit.
You see a lot of guys coming onto the scene and going from a high to a low pretty quickly, but to do what Al's done, managing the calendar over the course of a couple of Lions tours and countless Wales cycles - he's a phenomenal man, as well as a phenomenal rugby player.
The phenomenal love team of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, who play themselves in the comedy series, arranged a surprise despedida party for the two grandmas.
The experience was humbling--and it also sparked my interest in the essential traits of phenomenal behavior.
KEY WORDS: cognitive phenomenology, sensory phenomenology, phenomenal consciousness, experience, unsymbolized thinking
The Cutting Edge Difference between Marketing and Phenomenal Marketing Howard Partridge, exclusive small business coach for Zig Ziglar, Inc.
Executive Editor-in-Chief Deidre' LaShon shared her thoughts on what Phenomenal Mag means to her: "When trying to come up with a name for the digital publication, there was one word that stood out amongst the rest.
The Limited Role of Particulars in Phenomenal Experience, NEIL MEHTA
Liz Cooper, marketing director at the Ricoh Arena, said the response to its Christmas parties has been phenomenal.
To be honest I didn't play Test rugby so I wouldn't be the best to judge, because I would think one Test would be phenomenal," said Schmidt.
The 29-year-old from Johannesburg said: "I played phenomenal golf; two bogeys the whole week and overall I am very pleased with the way I played.