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Hilario said the phenomenon, which started as early as October 2018, will likely continue in June, July, and August.
KUWAIT, April 25 (KUNA) -- The phenomenon of street vendors on main roads and subways and at squares and marketplaces causes negative hygienic, economic and social effects.
Pascua said the last time that the concurrent of El Nino and dry season happened was way back 1997, which was also identified as the strongest dry spell phenomenon in the country.
This learning approach aligns with the core principles of the Next Generation Science Standards, and encourages students to observe a natural phenomenon, such as a rising tide or a glass shattered by sound, and investigate why it occurs.
The Superior Conjunction of Mercury is a very important astronomical phenomenon, as it marks Mercury's transition from the morning sky over the eastern horizon to the evening sky over the western horizon to appear after sunset, said Dr Beshir Marzouk, astronomer at QCH.
The people should not panic and worry unnecessary over the dissemination of a video on the phenomenon of an extremely low tide in Dungun recently.
A phenomenon seems to be gaining roots in Ghana's multiparty democracy as lots of individuals seemingly scramble for the flagbearership positions of their individual parties.
Objective: To determine the frequency of the phenomenon of phantom larynx in post total laryngectomy.
The first phenomenon witnessed by Egypt will take place in the north eastern horizon at the beginning of the night, where one of the most famous constellations, Cassiopeia's chair, will appear in its easily recognizable shape; W or M.
The Taipei Astronomical Museum made an announcement on Friday on its webpage, saying that Taiwan can expect a rare 'Five Star Lunar phenomenon' at the end of the month when a lunar eclipse will occur.
Jalil al-Rubaie discussed with the municipal council of Sadr City, the phenomenon of firing shots at tribal occasions and conflicts.
Leprosy, most commonly caused by infection with the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae, can be complicated by lepromatous reactions, which include the unusual manifestation known as Lucio's phenomenon (3).