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Plastic and heritable components of phenotypic variation in Nucella lapillus: An assessment using reciprocal transplant and common garden experiments.
Phenotypic Variation in Sensitivity of Development Time and Viability to Lead Exposure in the DGRP
Phenotypic variation and developmental instability of life- history traits: a theory and a case study on within-population variation of resting eggs formation in Daphnia.
Genetic mapping studies are used to identify genes that control the observed phenotypic variation in the field.
Studies of fruit flies in a wild population have shown that most of their traits have relatively little phenotypic variation, even though the population contains a remarkable amount of unexpressed genetic variation.
This phenotypic variation or "plasticity," dictates the range of habitats that a particular genotype can occupy (Kutschera and Niklas, 2004).
Ideally the markers used are themselves responsible for the phenotypic variation and the favourable alleles are selected for.
Further, he recognized that selection alone could not cause evolution; selection would have to operate on phenotypic variation within species.
Sequence Variation in covR and Phenotypic Variation
Evaluation of the genetic and environmental influences on phenotypic variation observed in the field is an inevitable process in these studies.