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I never heard of a philanthropic meeting in which it was sincerely proposed to do any good to me, or the like of me.
Being a microcosm himself, he discovers -- and it is a true discovery, and he is the man to make it -- that the world has been eating green apples; to his eyes, in fact, the globe itself is a great green apple, which there is danger awful to think of that the children of men will nibble before it is ripe; and straightway his drastic philanthropy seeks out the Esquimau and the Patagonian, and embraces the populous Indian and Chinese villages; and thus, by a few years of philanthropic activity, the powers in the meanwhile using him for their own ends, no doubt, he cures himself of his dyspepsia, the globe acquires a faint blush on one or both of its cheeks, as if it were beginning to be ripe, and life loses its crudity and is once more sweet and wholesome to live.
It was as unreal as everything else--as the philanthropic pre- tense of the whole concern, as their talk, as their gov- ernment, as their show of work.
She also stumbled, with a large balance of success against her failures, through various philanthropic recommendations to Try our Mixture, Try our Family Black, Try our Orange-flavoured Pekoe, challenging competition at the head of Flowery Teas; and various cautions to the public against spurious establishments and adulterated articles.
It is truly delightful to a philanthropic mind to see these gallant men staggering along under the influence of an overflow both of animal and ardent spirits; more especially when we remember that the following them about, and jesting with them, affords a cheap and innocent amusement for the boy population.
8 billion in assets and more than 315,000 members, announces a call for applications for the 2016 Delta Community Credit Union Philanthropic Fund.
The awards aim to recognise and reward both individuals and institutions who have made significant philanthropic contributions in the Middle East and North Africa.
Cheema, who was recently in Doha to attend a workshop on philanthropy in emerging markets, organised by Academy of Philanthropy, added, "Qatar's philanthropic identity is emerging with the country engaged in a number of philanthropic activities in different parts of the world.
Batelco, Bahrain leading telecommunications company, in line with its ongoing commitment to support the Bahraini community has donated BD25,000 to the Bahrain Philanthropic Society.
As FEMA showed with the disastrous mishandling of Hurricane Katrina a few years ago, a poorly guided philanthropic organization, even with the purest intentions to aid, will hinder the very thing they're trying to assist.
One of the most valuable roles parents can play, whether their children are youth or adults, is to help them understand the importance of philanthropy and to assist them in discovering their own philanthropic values.
Stuckey, President of Forest City Ratner Companies' Atlantic Yards Development Group and chair emeritus of the Center Against Domestic Violence, has become a major figure in the economic and philanthropic life of New York City.